It's time to stop sitting on your story.

It's time to start serving with your gift.

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Chantel Henry 

Expert Book Publishers & Transformational Coaches

"Your story doesn't belong to you, it belongs to those whose lives you are meant to inspire."

After witnessing her mother win a 6-figure lawsuit after the wrongful death of her brother, Chantel decided that she would dedicate her life to supporting others in using their voices to experience victory in their own lives. Along her journey she met Mwale who was a community activist in his home country of Trinidad & Tobago. Together they've helped thousands make an impact and an income with their stories.

"I learned not to be intimidated by the  so called "gurus." Because I've been through the trauma and have come out on the other side. I am the expert. My life's experiences make me uniquely qualified to serve."

–Cynthia Jones

My sister, you're already resilient. And now it's time to turn your resilience into RESULTS.

You've been through a lot in your life. You know those experiences were not in vain. 


Your trauma was designed to help you and not harm you.

You've been searching for the right way to launch into the next phase of your life with passion and purpose. 

People always tell you that you should write a book. You simply have not had a clear roadmap to get it done.

Sounds like you? 

Then you are exactly where you need to be.

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At this event, we'll equip you with everything you need to...

Create Your Game Plan

10x your life and your business.

Uncover Opportunities

Leverage your story to make an impact and income. 

Gain Visibility & Credibility 

Speak boldly and brilliantly as you attract like-minded people into your movement.

Run your race with grace, knowing that you have the right partners to show you the way!

Let's get started.


The only training available from master facilitators and award winning coaches who are committed to seeing and helping you 10 x your life and business. 

"I now have the tools that I need to not just be a good speaker, but an unforgettable speaker."

Cornelia Vaughn

CEO, Ladies of Legacy, LLC


"I feel confident that I can turn the pain of my life into purpose. Writing my book was the key ingredient that I was missing!" 

Lenora Fisher


Are your ready to uncover the secrets that will take your speaking to the next level? 

At this exclusive experience, you'll get support to... 

Get out of your head and into action

so much is depending on your success

Get clear on your message

so that your wisdom is communicated powerfully and attracts your ideal client

Get paid for your passion 

because you should be compensated for what you love


Build wealth from your words

why not become a high paid speaker, author trainer or coach?

Show up authentically

your confidence is priceless

Why should you attend this 5 - day summit?

Think about how POWERFUL you're going to feel after investing 2 hours of intentional time focused on yourself, your dreams, and how you’re going to step into your next level as a servant leader; equipped with the blueprint to grow your business and uplevel your life.

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  • Sharing your message with audiences on a global stage
  • Having the world know your name because you made the choice to speak up
  • Growing a passion based business 
  • Becoming a recognized expert in your field
  • Getting booked on national TV and seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, & FOX
  • Earning thousands of dollars in additional income as a speaker, trainer and coach

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